A comprehensive analysis of challenges in achieving zero waste

January 8, 2024 - January 12, 2024

As part of the Zero Waste Month initiatives, the Socio-Economic Unit Foundation would like to
coordinate with GAIA in conducting activities for Week 2 of January 2024. The main topic for the
week (January 8 to January 12) is “Barriers to Zero Waste” and SEUF is planning to organize all
programs based on this topic only. For undertaking the execution of Week 2 programs SEUF will
be conducting initiatives on 5 days i.e., January 8, January 9, January 10, January 11, and January
12. This may include publicity/ outreach activities, lectures, discussion forums, interviews with
local self-government representatives and policy implementers, and advocacy and awareness
Day 1 – Publicity through social media platforms
Preparation of posters/ banners (print and digital) needed for
the program. The poster contains the name and logo of GAIA &
SEUF, the tagline # RefuseSingleUse, the program title and
other necessary information. The poster will be shared on the
Facebook and Instagram pages of SEUF’s 14 district offices. In
addition, the poster will be shared with elected
representatives and officials of all LSGs in the Alappuzha
District. It’s not limited to Mannar and Chennithala. All staff of
SEUF uses their personal social media platforms to get reach.
The preparation of a short video with a 2-minute duration of
Harithakarmasena will also be under process.
Day 2 – One-day program with Government officials, Elected
representatives, Harithakarmasena etc.
This includes
▪ Ice-breaking session
▪ Lecture class of one hour by a suitable resource
▪ Group Discussion and presentation
▪ Consolidation
▪ Sharing experiences of Harithakarmasena regarding
barriers to Zero Waste
▪ Action plan preparation (Panchayat-wise)
▪ Taking the pledge to combat single-use plastics
Day 3 &4
Dialogues with the LSG representatives and LSG bureaucrats on how to avoid single-use plastic from their local body
premises, detailed analysis of action plan, advocacy methods
and campaign planning. Distribution of posters (print and
online) in educational institutions and government institutions
(like Veterinary hospitals, public health centers, Agriculture
offices, etc.), and public spaces, with the name and logo of
Sharing of the Day 2 event description and pictures on social
media platforms of the respective Panchayats through fame.
Ideas for making a model Zero Waste Panchayat
Day 5
Reporting –
Documentation works needed for GAIA
Collection of images
Publicity of the program conducted through SEUF social
media platforms