Addressing Single-Use Product: Promoting The Alternative to Single-Use Plastic

January 20, 2023

Bali has taken a big step to curb pollution in its seas, enacting a ban on troublesome single-use plastics like shopping bags, styrofoam and straws.
Bali Governor stipulate the Reducing Single Use Plastic in Gubernatorial Regulation (Pergub) No. 97/2018, expressing hope that the policy would lead to a 70 percent decline in Bali’s marine plastics within a year.
The implementation of this regulation has been running for three years. Even so, improvements are needed both internally and externally to strengthen the impact of this regulation.
Aware of the hazards faced and the opportunities available, we still need to implemented measures that contribute to the transition towards alternatives to plastics and create social movement to reducing single use plastics.

General objectives
Aid Bali in finding and developing pathways to environmentally sustainable prosperity by promoting and developing alternatives to plastics, with a focus on the challenges and opportunities available to Bali Island.
• Understand the impact of plastic manufacture and waste in the region
• Explore the development of alternatives to plastics as an environmental and economic opportunity for the region, with emphasis on the Bali case
• Explore commercial, industrial, and trade policy options to promote the development of alternatives to plastics
• Investigate the role of the private sector in shaping and implementing plastics regulations
• Explore options to improve waste management, reduce plastic use and increase recyclability in the region
Central matter
During this hybrid seminar, we will explore the option of developing alternatives to plastics as a way for Bali, especially the islands, to prevent plastics contamination, and use this as an opportunity for becoming more prosperous by joining early a growing a movement towards a circular economy.
• The consequences of plastics for the lives and livelihoods of Bali
• The economic opportunities afforded by developing alternatives to plastics
• Example of the process of transition where some measures have already been implemented

Where: Online

Audience: Open to the public

Contact Person: Anak Agung Istri Tatik Rismayanti []

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