Amlig Kalibutan

January 13, 2024 - January 27, 2024

In today’s world, the imperative need for sustainable practices and zero-waste programs cannot be overstated. The adoption of such initiatives serves multiple purposes, ranging from fostering communal responsibility to nurturing a profound sense of community. This collective effort enables individuals to exert a positive influence on their local environment while simultaneously building strong community bonds through the exchange of best practices.

“Amlig Kalibutan: Navigating Paths to a Zero Waste Future” is a dynamic series encompassing talks, presentations, and interactive interviews. The initiative aims to spotlight and celebrate individuals from diverse backgrounds who have emerged as influential contributors to sustainability and zero-waste endeavors. By delving into their personal narratives, innovative solutions, and the challenges they have encountered, the series seeks to inspire and empower a broader audience to embark on their own journeys towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

The Amlig Kalibutan will focus on the environmental sectors of the SDGs:
This sector focuses on protecting and conserving our planet’s ecosystems, mitigating climate change, and preserving biodiversity. By ensuring access to clean water and sanitation, taking urgent climate action, and safeguarding marine and terrestrial environments, we can secure a sustainable future for all.
SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
SDG 13: Climate Action
SDG 14: Life Below Water
SDG 15: Life on Land

The project is committed to the following main objectives:
1. Promotion of Sustainable Practices: Amlig Kalibutan seeks to promote sustainable practices by showcasing real-life examples of individuals who have successfully incorporated eco-friendly habits into their daily lives. These practices range from waste reduction to the responsible consumption of resources.
2. Fostering Shared Responsibility: Through the exploration of communal responsibility, the series aims to instill a sense of shared duty towards the environment. By understanding the impact of individual actions on the collective well-being of the community, participants are encouraged to contribute actively to the overall betterment of their surroundings.
3. Building Community Ties: Amlig Kalibutan recognizes the power of community ties in achieving sustainable goals. The initiative provides a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate, and share their experiences, fostering a supportive network that extends beyond the series itself.

To achieve these objectives, the project will feature a diverse array of formats, including talks, presentations, and interactive interviews. These engaging sessions will delve into the personal journeys of change-makers, shedding light on the strategies they employ to lead zero-waste lives. Participants will gain valuable insights into innovative solutions, practical tips, and the challenges encountered by these individuals, making the content relatable and actionable.