Online Cultural Celebration

December 3, 2021 Virtual

Let us celebrate our cultural diversity and share our solidarity for our common goal of building a sustainable Zero World for the next generation. The past two years have been very tough for all of us; hence, we deserve a time to relax a bit, sing, dance, and celebrate the work that we have done during this challenging time. The best part is — we are doing it together! Mark your calendar for this fun and inspiring event, which is part of GAIA’s 2021 Global Week of Solidarity.


What: Online Cultural Celebration

Date and Time: December 3, 8:00 – 9:30 PM Manila Time

Place: Via Zoom (room link will be shared in the coming days)


We need your support to make this event extra special for all of us. See the list below for your amazing contributions.


  1. Talent / Cultural Presentation


Our virtual stage is all yours and we are requesting everyone to share your talent and culture. There’s no limit to your creativity, but here are some guidelines:


  1. Presentations should not be more than 3 minutes
  2. You can do it alone, with a colleague, or your partner community, or with other GAIA members – the more the merrier but just make sure it will only take 3 minutes.
  3. You can sing, dance, or combination of both, or any creative act to show your talent, culture, or story.
  4. You can perform it live during the call or have it pre-recorded and just send us the file.


Please accomplish this sign-up sheet on or before November 26, 2021 so that we can finalize the programme ahead of time. If you have questions or suggestions, please feel to contact Edel at


  1. Cultural Slam book


  1. Take a picture of yourself in your cultural attire or an item in your home with cultural or historical significance in your country.
  2. Upload your picture on this Google Form Survey and provide three facts (fun facts) about your attire or the item in your picture.
  3. Kindly share your picture on or before November 26, 2021.


Here’s a simple photo for you:


Edel Garingan

Caloocan, Philippines

GAIA Asia Pacific

Smiling Sun Wood Carving

  • One of the popular souvenir items you can get from your visit in the Philippines summer capital, Baguio City
  • The authentic pieces are carefully handcrafted by the Itogon Woodcarvers
  • It can be used as a wall décor or a door accent to mean joy and bright new day


  1. Music Video


We are also doing a short music video about our amazing collaborations, and we would like to show what it means to all of us. As we always say, it takes a network to lead us to this day of 20 years of working together. For the short clip, you can record yourself saying what it takes to build a network.


Here is a sample script.

“Hi, I am (your name) from (your country). It takes        (love)       to build a network!”


You may upload your clip on this FOLDER on November 19, 2021.


Thank you!