Guwang Art Market Karaoke Day: Reactivation of the Guwang Art Market, Plastic-Free Market in Bali

January 29, 2024

The Guwang Art Market is a pilot project plastic-free market in Bali, which has successfully reduced plastic usage by 95% in 2023. Unfortunately, the market was temporarily inactive due to mid to late 2023 renovations. The reactivation of the plastic-free market aims to reintroduce this initiative to all vendors and visitors. It is hoped that through this event, all stakeholders can continue implementing the reduction of single-use plastic. Additionally, a karaoke activity is organized to liven up the event, involving vendors and children in the Guwang Art Market community. A “plastic raid” is also conducted, where each buyer still using plastic bags has their plastic taken and exchanged for reusable fabric shopping bags.