Heal Without Waste: Detoxifying Healthcare by Going Plastics Free

January 9, 2024 - January 31, 2024

Our comprehensive strategy engages a wide range of stakeholders, including physicians, allied healthcare workers, and community health workers. Our commitment is to expand our initiatives across the Southeast Asian region, mobilizing healthcare professionals and educating them about the critical intersection of the plastics crisis and global health while safeguarding the environment. In our constant engagement in Plastics Treaty negotiations, we have highlighted several key points:

1. Placing health at the center of plastic pollution concerns
2. Advocating for no exemptions for healthcare products and healthcare sector
3. Supporting a comprehensive detoxification of plastics
4. Promoting transparency in revealing chemical content
5. Encouraging incentives for sustainable product redesign
6. Advocating for robust extended producer responsibility

In line with the Zero Waste Month Celebration in the Philippines, Health Care Without Harm through its set of activities for the Heal Without Waste #ChooseReuse campaign will set the tone for our regional campaign on single-use plastics towards the Global Plastics Treaty. Starting off with a social media campaign to a campaign caravan in three cities in the Philippines, and finally a video campaign from the health sector.