Kashtakari Film Festival

January 21, 2023

Kashtakari Panchayat[KP] aims to bring forward the fearless and inspiring stories of Pune’s waste pickers through two short documentaries and a fictional short film. We believe that these films will highlight the struggle, vigour and achievements of waste pickers who have worked hard for years to propagate the idea of Zero Waste. A Zero Waste Month celebration would be incomplete without the celebration of waste pickers.

We are organising Kashtakari Film Festival to showcase the life, work, stories and dreams of informal workers; As without their dreams Zero Waste is just a dream!

Where: Pune

Audience: Open to the public

When: Jan. 21 at 10 AM-4 PM IST

Contact Person: Amogh Bhongale [amogh@swachcoop.com]

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#GoForZeroWaste #ZeroWasteOurFuture