Mini-Grants Program

October 13, 2022 - November 24, 2022 Asia Pacific

For the whole month of January 2023, the spotlight is given to members for their spearheaded events. These events can range from film showings, to webinars, to virtual tours of Zero Waste communities and the like from the region. 

We are also happy to inform you that there are mini-grants available if you would be needing monetary support to execute your event. This grant is primarily for the Zero Waste Month (January 2023).

Use of mini-grants 

These mini-grants can be used by organizations or national alliances who expressed their interest to host their own activities during the Zero Waste Month in January 2023.  Activities that can be covered by these funds include, but not limited to: 

  • Virtual tours
  • Reports
  • Press conferences
  • Webinars
  • Film showing/ documentary
  • ZW fairs
  • Social media campaign
  • Waste worker/ picker appreciation day
  • Clean-up and WABA
  • ZW demonstration e.g. different composting methods etc.

This grant does not support:

As described above, this fund aims to support members’ activities for the Zero Waste Month. Other than the activities mentioned, the mini-grant does not support

  • Staff cost (salaries and allowances)
  • Office rental
  • Nor to outsource the full implementation of your proposed project/activities.


  • The priority for Mini-grants will be for projects/ activities less than $200. Requests higher than $200 may be considered subject to available resources.
  • The applications will be reviewed as they come, starting on Nov. 7. 
  • Announcement of approved applications: First Batch: Nov 11 | Final Batch Nov 28

The deadline for final submission of application is on November 24, but subject to available funds from Batch 1

This event can be something you have planned for January or a new activity just for the Zero Waste Month. We’re excited to hear from you!

The sign-up form is available at

Contact person: Trish Parras []