Organic Waste Management Workshop

January 21, 2023

Organic waste management is among a few frontier issues which PPLH Bali has been working on. There has been ongoing research, and assistance with the community to find proper organic waste management methods based on the organic waste type. Backyard composting and black soldier flies (BSF) breeding are effective ways to reduce household carbon footprints and provide quality compost for use in gardens, and animal feeds.
Come learn how to start and maintain a highly efficient backyard compost system and food waste management method by learning what to feed the compost pile, appropriate bins and methods for the household, tips and troubleshooting, BSF breeding, and much more.
General objectives
• Understand the impact of organic waste on climate change
• Train to manage the organic waste through composting and black soldier fly breeding
Central matter
During this in-person workshop, we will train to do composting and BSF breeding to use this as an opportunity for becoming more prosperous by joining early a growing movement towards a circular economy.
• The consequences of unmanaged organic waste
• The economic opportunities afforded by organic waste management
• Example of the process of composting and BSF breeding

Where: In-person

Audience: Open to the public

Contact Person: Anak Agung Istri Tatik Rismayanti []

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