Press Release for Ending plastic scrap import film

January 19, 2024

In recent years, Vietnam has been facing a serious problem related to the import of plastic waste. Although there have been efforts to reduce the use and treatment of domestic plastic waste, the demand for plastic consumption and recycling is still large and increasing. This has led to Vietnam becoming one of the main destinations for the import of plastic waste from developed countries.
Dependence on imported plastic waste has caused many negative consequences, including serious environmental pollution, risks to human health and negative impacts on the ecosystem where we live. processed. A large amount of imported plastic waste often contains ingredients of unknown origin and quality, which increases the difficulty of managing and treating them effectively.
In addition, the import of plastic waste also puts great pressure on Vietnam’s waste treatment infrastructure. Processing facilities do not have the capacity and technology to process large amounts of this plastic waste, thereby creating pollution and subsequent contamination during the processing process.

This issue requires timely intervention and drastic measures from all levels of government, the international community and industry to minimize dependence on imported plastic waste, and strengthen management. and handle plastic waste sustainably and safely in the country.
Faced with that situation, the Vietnam Pacific Environment Organization supported the University of Natural Resources and Environment to coordinate with the Department of Education and Training of Vietnam Television to organize a discussion event “Importing plastic scrap – More bad impact than good.” ” with target:
1, Share the current status of import, recycling and treatment of imported plastic scrap and plastic waste;
2, Consult with parties: state units, businesses, and research experts in the field of domestic plastic waste management and treatment.