Public discussion on the impact of RDF facility in Integrated Waste Management Facility (TPST) in Bali

January 12, 2024

TPST is an alternative waste processing facility in Bali that aims to convert organic and inorganic waste into compost, recycled materials, and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) to help the Government reduce plastic waste pollution in the ocean. However, the TPST operations have both advantages and disadvantages for local residents.

Two TPSTs have already been constructed in Bali Province: the Samtaku TPST and the Kesiman Kertalangu TPST. However, the TPST operations have not been successful. The odor produced during the processing of mixed waste and the production of RDF briquettes has caused significant disruption to the daily lives of local residents. These odors have led to discomfort and health problems such as shortness of breath, dizziness, and nausea.

We are planning to conduct public discussion with inviting speakers such as Regional Government, affected Local Residents and CSOs.This public discussion will open up discussion space to find alternative solutions to unsustainable waste management at the Samtaku and Kesiman Kertalangu TPSTs. The aim is that this meeting can solve the problems faced by residents around the TPST. This event will be open for public and media.