Reducing plastic usage through community empowerment and active demonstration of alternative waste disposal models

February 15, 2017 - February 25, 2021

Community Sanitation & Recycling Organization (CSARO) has been working on community-based solutions to environmental issues since 1997, and has demonstrated considerable success in enabling communities to improve their environmental situation through mobilizing waste-pickers and the urban poor – in the process also improving livelihoods of those they are working with.

This is a critical point in time to address issues with trash and plastic waste in Cambodia, as the economy continues to expand and plastic use continues to grow. Increasing public awareness and comment in the cities indicates a shift in public opinion, but this needs further awareness raising and information, especially if these concerns are to reach to rural areas and affect change.

The project had been interacted and raise awareness with community members of the consequences of plastic use. Advocacy and campaigns within communities, local enterprise and stakeholders will highlight the consequences both of using plastics and of disposal by burning (a common practice). This will be followed by community initiatives and shared goals to achieve specific actions and alternative practices.

Where: In-person

Audience: Open to the public

Contact Person: Heng Yon Kora []

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