Reuse Station

January 28, 2024

In Zero Waste Month with the theme of Choosing Reuse initiated by GAIA, CAB VietNam revealed a special event – REUSE STATION
This is a great opportunity for local people to:
• Reuse personal items to help reduce the amount of waste from old items into the environment
• Spread communication encouraging Reuse movement to local communities
• Experience biological cleaning water that is safe for health and environmentally friendly
• Support local waste collectors to purchase recyclables collected by Reuse Station
Reuse Station will post pictures of used items and biological detergents on the CAB page and those who want to participate can do so by:
• Bring in recyclables to exchange for supplies or bio-cleaning liquid on the day of the event.
• Taking actions to reduce the use of disposable items and spread it on their personal Facebook page in public mode.
A few notes when participating in Reuse Station:
• The list of types of waste that can be recycled to exchange items includes: plastic bottles (plastic No. 1 PET and plastic No. 2 HDP), paper and aluminum cans.
• Please separate each type of waste, clean it and keep it dry when bringing it to the Reuse Station for exchange.
• For those who want to experience cleaning liquid, please bring a personal reusable container to reduce plastic packaging emissions.