Roadmap to Zero Waste Ahmedabad – Current situation and Way ahead

January 6, 2024

The concept of Zero Waste aims to minimize use of resources and maximize the ongoing benefits of the intrinsic value within the waste generated by society. Ahmedabad has become one of the first metropolitan cities from the developing world to adopt a zero-waste goal. Waste disposal is expensive, both financially and in terms of lost resources. A sustainable, preventative and comprehensive approach towards waste is needed. The Zero Waste Road Map will act as a visionary guiding document for AMC in its journey to achieve Zero Waste by the year 2031. AMC has signed a MoU with United Nations Center for Regional Development, Japan (UNCRD) towards making Ahmedabad a zero-waste city. UNCRD is providing technical support to AMC for developing a “Roadmap for Zero Waste Ahmedabad”. AMC participated at the Special Event of ISWA World Congress 2011 where it agreed on the “Declaration for Zero Waste Ahmedabad” by 2031.

Our aim is to create awareness about zero waste pathway for the city among stakeholders. The way ahead section will help stakeholders to plan future strategy to support this campaign.
We are organizing this consultation as an effort to mainstream Zero Waste as a solution to waste management issue, also as a part of the International Zero waste Month 2024 activities organized globally with participation from GAIA member organizations across regions.