Triple Planetary Crisis Symposium: Uniting for Sustainable Solutions.

January 12, 2024

The “Triple Planetary Crisis Symposium: Uniting for Sustainable Solutions” is a Public Knowledge Sharing Event that serves as an open forum for individuals passionate about addressing environmental challenges. This event will be organized by Spice Warriors Climate & Environmental Organization, a prominent climate and environmental organization, that has a unique representation across Kenya with dedicated county coordinators actively involved in coordinating impactful activities throughout their respective regions.

This symposium will be held at Multimedia University with the Multimedia university environmental club, drawing in students and youth from various universities in Nairobi and its surroundings. Simultaneously, the discussion will be extended nationwide, facilitated by county coordinators in different parts of the country, ensuring a broad and inclusive participation.

The symposium will feature engaging panel discussions led by experts from the government, civil societies, business owners and research organizations. These discussions will focus on critical issues such as pollution, climate change, and biodiversity loss, providing valuable insights and fostering collaborative solutions.

To amplify the reach of these discussions, Spice Warriors will leverage Green Warriors TV, conducting interviews and media publicity with the experts. The conversations will be streamed live across Spice Warriors and Green Warriors TV social media platforms, maximizing accessibility and impact.

In addition to the panel discussions, participants will actively engage in a Twitter storm sparking a digital conversation about the event. This approach aims to inspire collective action, empower the youth, and promote sustainable solutions to address the triple planetary crisis.