Wahenga Youth Zero Waste Weekend

January 6, 2024 - January 7, 2024

🌍 **Join Us for Wahenga Youth Zero Waste Weekend! 🌿**

Let’s make a meaningful impact together! Join our two-day event dedicated to supporting Zero Waste and saying no to single-use plastics. Here’s what we have planned:

**Day 1 – Saturday:**
🎨 **Graffiti for Change:** Express creativity while spreading awareness about Zero Waste through graffiti art.
📚 **Trainings/Workshops:** Engaging sessions to learn practical tips and strategies for reducing waste in our daily lives.

**Day 2 – Sunday:**
🌱 **Clean-Up Drive:** Take action! Participate in our community clean-up to beautify our surroundings and promote cleanliness.
🔍 **Brand Auditing:** Understand the impact of various brands on waste production through auditing and awareness.
🤝 **Community Outreach:** Engage with the community, raise awareness, and inspire change together.
🤲 **Taking Pledges:** Encourage individuals to commit to a Zero Waste lifestyle by taking pledges and making a difference.

Join us in embracing sustainability, fostering community collaboration, and championing a Zero Waste future. Let’s refuse single-use plastics and pave the way for a greener, cleaner tomorrow! #ZeroWasteWeekend ♻️🌟