Youth Zero Waste Bootcamp

January 11, 2024 - January 13, 2024

In commemoration of Zero Waste Month in January 2024, PPLH Bali is set to organize the Zero Waste Youth Bootcamp under the theme “Bali Ajeg: Bali Tempo Doeloe Sing Ada Lulu.” This initiative aligns with the commitment to support the enforcement of Governor’s Regulation Number 97/2018, which focuses on reducing the generation of single-use plastic waste in Bali Province, along with Bali Governor’s Regulation Number 47/2019 addressing source-based waste management.

The event specifically targets high school students in Denpasar City, recognizing the crucial role that the younger generation plays as agents of change and stewards inheriting the Earth. PPLH Bali emphasizes the significance of involving young individuals, given that many among them currently lack an understanding of local wisdom, particularly in the context of nature conservation. Hence, the aim is to extend an invitation to the younger generation (Gen Z) to comprehend and embrace KemBali Ajeg.