Zero Waste Schools in Vietnam

December 9, 2022

It is the season to #GoForZeroWaste! This December 9, join GAIA member Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance for the launching of their Zero Waste Schools!
The 2nd Zero-Waste school festival is coming!
Waiting for you at the event will be the models of zero waste / green schools in all provinces and cities of Vietnam. Here you can share experiences, ask questions as well as build your own personal orientation towards a zero-waste lifestyle.
Attending the hybird event at:
1. Time: 09a.m on December 9, 2022
Furthermore, Vietnam Zero Waste Alliance is running the SUP reduction program in 8 schools in Vietnam and they are planning for a film showing for students to raise their awareness in environment and plastic pollution.
Where: Online and offline
Audience: Exclusively for members/ participants in their country
Contact Person: Tuyen Tran []
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#GoForZeroWaste #ZeroWasteOurFuture