Zero Waste Youth Convergence: #SustainableSchools

February 10, 2023

Zero Waste Youth – Negros Oriental seeks to reach its target audience with a message of optimism in continuing the battle for a brighter future with a habitable environment for current and future generations of environmental stewards and leaders. With the gathering of many individuals who share the same enthusiasm and concern for the environment, the message and movement of being plastic-free will be magnified via the continual learning and efforts of these individuals. Zero Waste Youth Convergence aims to awaken the youth once more and urge them to hold hands to combat the impacts of plastic on the community. The organization aspires to bring to attend such events to the local community of Negros Oriental through constantly making noise on social media as well as through the help of local organizations to gradually build up interest in the locality to grasp the values the event aims to foster.

In line with the annual Zero Waste Month celebration in the Philippines, the Zero Waste Youth Convergence is a yearly youth gathering dedicated to developing youth networking and advancing the zero waste movement in the province. It is our ultimate aim, through this convergence, to raise awareness and promote inclusivity in the aspect of waste management and take action towards the increasing rate of plastic pollution, particularly in Negros Oriental communities. This year, the event aims to solidify student governments’ efforts in amplifying advocacy as we enter schools and integrate sustainable waste management solutions into their system.